Your Global Wealth Strategy; designed and executed in a perfect balance of Return, Security and Confidentiality

BRB Finanz AG is a fully registered and regulated 
Investment Advisor under the Panamanian laws. 
License under Resolution 170-09 issued by the 
Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores de la 
República de Panamá.
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Wealth Management

Independence, our Virtue

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BRB is dedicated exclusively to provide help in the administration, protection, and growth of Family, Personal Assets, Holdings and Wealth.  We do not belong to any financial or banking institution which allow us to select and pick the best products and services for our clients regardless of what institutions structured them. Our exclusive Private Banking Platform and Trust services are tailored to provide a comprehensive support covering all financial needs. 

Wealth Structures

Innovation & Knowledge

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BRB creates Wealth Management Structures to cover all needs in the areas of taxes, asset allocation and inheritance issues. Our international partners provide us the capability to facilitate integral solutions for Tax, Financial, Fiduciary and Estate Planning. We create and implement tailor-made innovated compliant solutions for the specific needs of our clients.


Wealth Security

Our Core Value

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BRB has access to the best financial platforms available in the international markets for custody in the Swiss, Panamanian, German, US and Monegasque banking systems. With all these services available we can provide our customers with the latest financial information in all the different world markets. We have complete freedom in picking our financial providers and we do not have a corporate structure pushing products or a conflict of interest because of investment policies of said structure. Our business main focus is in investments administration and not trading strategies. On the other hand BRB does not participate on high risk investment of any type.